Red Epic W


With extra accessories.

Rp 8,5 Jt/Day

Full Packages

  • Red Epic W With Helium 8K
  • DMC TI PL Mount (Capitive)
  • DMC Low Light Optimized OLPF
  • 3 x Red Mini Mag 240 GB
  • Red Station Red Mini Mag3.1
  • Red Mini Mag Case 4
  • Red Pro Touch 7.0 LCD
  • DSMC2 Lemo Adaptor
  • LCD EVF Cable (Right to Straight)
  • Red DSMC Bolt Kit
  • Profesional Tilta Rig B1
  • Tophandle 15mm, Top Rod Adaptor EVF Holder
  • Tophandle Power Module, Top Plate (Triger, Time Code Port)
  • Switchable DSMC2 LCD Bracket, Pogo Extention Cable
  • Advance Tilta I/O modul V Mount Battery

   Pro Accessories:

  • Cine MB14 6×6 Swing Away Matte Box System Set
  • Arri FF-4 or FF-5 Follow Focus System Set
  • ARRI BP-8 Bridge Plate
  • ARRI 19mm Studio Rods (Short and Long)
  • Tiffen Filter Glass 6.6×6.6 ND 0.3, ND 0.6, ND 0.9
  • Tiffen Filter Glass 138mm Polarizer
  • 18.5″ View Z Broadcast Monitor SDI HDMI
  • BNC Cables (2x Short 1m & 2x Long 15m)
  • 4 x Swit S-8172S V – 14.4V 79+79Wh IATA Compliant
  • 2 x Swit S-8082S V – 14.4V 95Wh IATA Compliant
  • Swit D-3004S V-mount Battery Charger 4-ch
  • Sachtler CINE HD 150mm Fluid Head
  • Ronford-Baker Heavy Duty Tripod Tall, Short, Hi-Hat
  • Clapper Board
  • D-Tap Splitter Cable 1 to 4
  • TILTA UH-T03 Universal Pro Hand Grip
  • Snap-On Bridge for 19mm and 15mm Rod System